5 Tips To Save More Than Using G Suite Promo Code

If you chose to use G Suite promo codes for getting discount when you buy G Suite plans then you might be missing an opportunity to save more bucks. Yes, you read it right, there are other ways which are available to save money on G Suite. In this article i will share some tips on tricks on how to get additional discount.

5. Consolidate all your accounts

When you have multiple domains and G suite accounts, it’s better to consolidate all the domains and accounts under one account by creating sub-organisations, this way you will get power to negotiate with Google as a bulk purchase and sometimes you may get a deal of 50% off when you are migrating and consolidating under one account.

Also know your location, if you are an multi national company and have major workforce in India, then you can get discounted pricing for your Indian IDs instead of paying at the same cost of other countries, pricing of G suite in India is 60% officially cheaper than other countries.

To know how this works? speak to any G suite partner or reseller like us.

4. Upgrade to Annual plan

If you have already used G Suite trial and when you want to setup your billing, while doing that choose annual plan with G Suite promotion code, with this trick you will get usual 20% discount with promo code and additional 17% discount on the pricing when you annual plan over flexible plan.

The only disadvantage with this option is, you will be locked for 12 months subscription and if you buy for 10 licenses even if you don’t use full user licenses you will be billed full amount for the year.

3. Using Groups and Nick name options

Most of the organisations may not know that there is this little option in G Suite admin area for you to add nick names for your main email ID, for example if you want info@yourcompany.com or sales@yourcompany.com there is no need to add extra licenses to get these email IDs activated, you can add alias or nick names to your email ID like name@yourcompany.com in user details screen.

Also you can use Google Groups option if you want to create departments like department@yourcompany.com and add users under that group ID, this way you don’t need to purchase additional license for department@yourcompany.com as it is group email ID.

2. Catch all account

There is another nice feature that G Suite supports which is catch-all account, it means when someone sends email to anything@yourdomain.com *@yourdomain.com it catches all the emails sent to non-existed email IDs and keep them available to view at catch-all account that you define in G Suite admin area.

1. G Suite Reseller / Partner

G Suite has two types of partners, one is basic another is premier, generally basic tier partners will get 20% discount and premier partners will get 30% discount. On top of this if you are having more than 500 users requirement reseller can get additional 25% discount and other offerings like migration discount etc. Sometimes with few select resellers you might get 80% discount on the first year pricing.

Hope these tricks might help you saving money on buying G suite plans. There is no discount available in enterprise plans as of now.

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