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Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessments are less than one week studies used to identify operations, technology and software system improvement opportunities within your facility. The current operations and systems are compared to supply chain best practices and today’s best-of-breed systems. The assessment provides a roadmap for improvements from Receiving through Shipping, including short and long term opportunities.

Short term solutions typically include method, flow, space utilization, basic product slotting, and layout changes. The Long term solutions range from equipment, technology, software systems and facility changes. For long term solutions, a proposal is provided for performing the detailed operations planning study. Our goal is to increase warehouse productivity, reduce labor costs, improve space utilization, and improve accuracy. In addition, Assessments can be used to focus on one area of the warehouse or cover Receiving through Shipping as discussed.

  • Review available operations reports (metrics)
  • Interview operations and warehouse systems staff
  • Tour facility and conduct operational observations
  • Review current software system functionality
  • Compare current status to best practices and best-of-breed WMS
  • Document improvement opportunities while considering:
    • Methods/Best Practices
    • Material Flow/Layout
    • Space utilization
    • Product slotting
    • Equipment and technology utilization
    • Software system capabilities
    • Staff scheduling
    • And many more…
  • Estimate high-level savings and benefits
  • Create recommendation report
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